How much money is in your head? And how long has it been there?

I strongly believe that our daily thoughts directly affect our financial situation.Therefore, if your thoughts are "dirty" and "pale", then it means that your thinking is not connected with the Internet. In other words, it was deliberately "burned out" by the Internet.I strongly believe that every person should have 2 or 3 questions about any topic.Whether it's:how much money is in your head;what emotions are causing you to act in a certain way;what should I do to increase my income;where can I find extra money;please advise. I am constantly getting new information about money and how to increase it in your head.I recommend that you get in touch with your intuition (its interpretation and application to the situation). In your head, there are many common misconceptions about money. Let's check them out by reading some of the comments that greet you on my article:1) a person's intelligence is what they think.Not all of them are they born with a brain that can "make friends" with money.As it turns out, the economist Paul Samuelson has long been one of the most important researchers in the field of applied mathematical analysis.His theories about the dynamics of money gained currency in the 90s. What's in your head that "attracts" so much money to you? According to Samuelson, the following::a person thinks that they can't get rich, that life is unfair;then he starts working hard and gets richer every day;then there is a period of "insatiable" greed, during which time money starts to "stick" to your finger;then on to drug addiction, which destroys the family;then on to Wall street, where you can not be shot at and where the price of a "full stomach" is not a problem.2) Your life is divided into 3 major stages.The first is the unconscious stage, during which you "eat" all the information that comes to you.The second is the "active" stage, during which you make money.The third is the final stage, when you see through the eyes of a speculator who knows the future.What is the probability that you will succeed in this?In the words of the great John Bogle, founder of the huge index Fund industry (which owns the vast majority of the shares in the valued companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange):it is much easier to make money in stocks than in bonds.Yes, you can't make money in stocks, because the value of securities is not properly valued.But you can make money on bonds, because the interest rate on them is growing.3) the key to success in the stock market is the "briefcase".If you are a good specialist and know how to trade in the